Igniting the spark of innovation

At the core, we are bread bakers and enthusiasts. But IBR is truly a think tank to spark innovation for our customers. We are constantly probing the market for insights to exploit new consumer trends…and looking to the horizon to see how we can help shape the future of bread’s place at the table.



Our customer, a regional leader in the bread segment, wasn’t satisfied lagging behind in the breakfast category, so they approached IBR to help them shed their “white bread” brand image. While they lacked the capacity to “jazz up” their product line, we offered the size, expertise and resources needed to experiment with new ideas until we had perfected their vision. We helped them develop an artisanal-quality breakfast bread, along with other creative seasonal offerings, which catapulted them to #1 in dollars and units in their market. 


The influences of the “foodie” movement in nearby Portland, Oregon shape our focus on healthy, flavorful options —including sprouted and organic solutions.

As the population continues to diversify, so do consumer taste preferences. We continuously explore new and exciting flavor profiles through the use of ancient grains, fruit inclusions, and sweet/savory ingredients. These trends also create opportunity for new and exciting shapes and textures to further differentiate your products from the competition.